Our company,which started its production activities in 1990, has succeeded in renewing itself by following the developing technology and continues its production with all precision with the CNC machines used in this field.
With its years of experience, it maintains its place among the leading brands in the market with its customer satisfaction-oriented trade approach and quality products.

All commodities we produce are followed within the framework of ISO 9001:2015 quality management system discipline.
The trust of our customers in our brand is the result of our efforts with years of experience and quality.

Our most valuable duty is to provide perfect service to you, our valued customers, on this path that we set out with the philosophy of 'Quality is never a coincidence, it is always the result of a smart effort'.

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KMSGOLD; It is the general brand of our A quality products, in which our product groups are manufactured by going through special techniques and processes. To protect our privacy policy, we cannot share details here. You can contact us for detailed information.
"KMSGOLD Precision locking nuts; It is a special product group designed for sensitive surfaces and high speeds where safety washers cannot be used, with a self-locking nut on the spindle. These product groups, called KMFE and KMTA, are generally used for fixing bearings and axis shafts used in Horizontal-Vertical machining centers and CNC lathes and special machines serving various purposes. For detailed information, you can reach the technical dimensions and information of precision locking nuts from the products section or contact us."
Bearing Adapter Coupling is an intermediate connection element used to easily mount “K” bearings with tapered inner core to the shaft to be used on straight or stepped shafts. Bearing Adapters according to the place and purpose of use; It is divided into two main groups as Stretching Coupling and Pulling Coupling.
"The Adapter Sleeves are mounted on the bearing hub together with the lock nut (“H” code) and the lock washer. Instead of a safety washer, a U-lock is used to lock the clawed nut in large diameter couplings. You can find the technical dimensions of the tensioning sleeves in the catalogue."
(“AH”-“AHX”) are of reverse conical type and are mounted on the bearing hub without claw nut and locking washer. The claw nut on the knock-out sleeves is used for pulling purposes only, to remove the sleeve from the bearing hub. You can find the technical dimensions of the knock-out cots in the catalog.
8030 - 8040 - 8055 - 1530 – 1540 – 1545 New Holland – Sperry Clayson, Claas, Deutz-Fahr, John Deere etc. We are at your service with the manufacture of sleeves used in all harvesters. You can contact us for detailed information.
Lock Nuts (“KM”-“HM” code) are used to fix the sleeve as well as they can be used on all kinds of standard diameter, size and quality shafts. You can find technical dimensions of Lock Nuts available in metric and inch sizes, right or left thread with KM and HM codes in the catalogue. At the same time, Lock Nuts can be produced according to special diameter and size demands, as well as with fiber and other special locking methods.
GUK Series Lock Nuts are used by being tightly mounted on spindles, thanks to the delrin group plastic material located on the rear inner part of the nut, compared to the standard (KM) lock nut. GUK Series Self Lock Nuts, which are used safely in places where there is not much high vibration and with an operating temperature range of -50/+110 °C, are available in our stocks in accordance with DIN981 metric internal size norms. If you have requests for special sizes and diameters (metric / inch), it is possible to manufacture. You can contact us for detailed information.
Locking Washers (“MB”-“MBL”) is the fastener that acts as a lock, which is produced from sheet metal used to prevent the lock nut from coming loose where it is tightened. You can find the technical information of the stamps used in various diameters and sizes in the catalogue.
Locking clips are ""U"" shaped special locks used in diameters and dimensions where the (""MS"" coded) locking washer cannot be used. You can find the technical information of these locks in various sizes from the catalogue.